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Your handwriting sucks. Give me normal text

Normal text is boring. Show me handwriting

The GOP RNC Debates v. Fallout 4

The folks in the Republican National Committee made the unfortunate mistake of scheduling the 4th GOP debate on the same day that the highly anticipated game Fallout 4 was released. The past three debates have seen record viewership numbers, and probably will do well tonight too. But I still wonder, will more screens be tuned into the debates or Fallout 4 tonight?

Chances are, there isn’t a whole lot of demographic overlap between them. So I suppose I’m not seeing this as a competition for attention. It’s just a curiosity. But in case you’re not aware of the two items in question, I’ll break them down for you.

One is a peek into the post-apocalypse, where chaos reigns, violence and justice are one and the same, and strange mutant creatures rule the lands you desperately struggle to reclaim.

The other is a video game.