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What’s Done Is Done, and I Owe You The Following Promise

I did not support Trump. I didn’t feel I could, even though at one point early in the race I gave him serious consideration. I even called him my second choice after Sanders (I saw both as hand grenades, and felt that if we couldn’t blow up the system with one, at least the other could have a similar effect).

Ultimately, I felt Trump embodied too many thing I couldn’t support, in character and in policy. I’m pretty sure some of those character issues are genuinely attributable to Trump, and some were Trump being blustery and showy – maybe (hopefully!) not so much who he actually is.

But regardless, you have my word that I will not project whatever character flaws I perceive in Trump onto anyone who supported his candidacy. I don’t believe you are a bad person just because you voted for Trump. I don’t believe you made a choice you thought would harm others or cause us to regress as a nation. It’s only been hours; I haven’t seen what I would need to see to gain confidence in my new president, but I will keep my mind wide open in my efforts to get there. I’ll probably bitch about some things. If you see injustice, you’re obligated to speak up. I’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by other things. If something works, you’re obligated to acknowledge it and grow from it. But I’ll judge on merit and impact, and keep those judgments separate from my feelings on the character of the man you’ve chosen.

Today, I don’t believe Trump is our way forward. Make me a believer! Show me that the opinions, concerns and well-being of the other half, possibly the majority, of the nation matter even if we disagree. It’s the same important task I would undertake if my candidate had won. No matter what, I respect the decision my brothers and sisters made.

Make no mistake; I won’t stand by quietly if people get left behind. But until I see it, I will not assume this end is inevitable.

In two months, we start fresh. Let’s see where this road goes together.