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How To Avoid Hateful Actions As a Response To Love

I have the perfect solution for the handling of marriage licenses, a solution that removes the County Clerk from any decision related to the sanctioning of a marriage that doesn’t match the clerk’s personal beliefs.

Instead of issuing a marriage license to a couple, the Clerk only issues a license to one person at a time, stating that individual is fit for marriage. This way, each person who wants to be married can come into the Clerk’s office, with his or her own document, and the Clerk is not faced with the marriage circumstances, only with determining that person is eligible for marriage. The document should have no indication of gender on it.

Then, when two people get married, they sign each other’s document, get both signatures notarized, and the two certificates of eligibility get filed together. At no point in this process is it necessary for the couple to be present in the Clerk’s office. The clerk could try to surmise the gender of the filing based on names, but could not actually confirm gender (only the gender of the individual who drops off the documents, typically a 3rd party files the paperwork anyway), and in many cases, even trying to determine gender will fail, since many names are androgynous.

This is obviously in response to the Karen Davis situation. This doesn’t solve the bigger issue, that *her* interpretation of *her* brand of her religion calls upon her to act hatefully and call it “Jesus’s love” in the name of her salvation. But at least it removes certain religions’ moralities as an obstacle to other people’s happiness and removes moral dilemma for the people elected to uphold the law.

It’s something.