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Irrefutable Proof We’re Living in An Alternate Reality

Stick with me on this one folks, because we may not be the original versions of ourselves, and I have the “proof.”

Archaeologists have uncovered a number of ancient artifacts from various dig sites all over the world that appear to depict alien ships, beings in space suits, and objects of advanced technology. We have cuneiform tablets, classical paintings, tapestries and more from various civilizations across the millennia, but very few of these depict non-human beings. The few that do are debatable; they’re certainly humanoid enough that they are easily explained as humans rendered with some artistic license.

We have a sizable collection of artwork that shows flying vehicles and space suits, but no clear evidence the characters depicted are anything other than human. If they’re not aliens, then the passengers in these vehicles and in these suits must be human. If they’re depicted in the artwork, they would be unremarkable from other human forms. The only remaining explanation is that these are not aliens, but time travelers visiting the past. They’re interacting with these ancient civilizations, which means they’re not there to be silent observers but to directly influence the past.

Here’s where things get interesting. Society must have gotten quite advanced without their influence. Otherwise, they would not have the technology to make this journey in the first place. But if they went back and interacted with civilization, anything they brought, taught or did to influence society would chance the past. If they gave ancient people certain knowledge, that means someone else didn’t. The influence someone might have had is now supplanted by the knowledge delivered from the future. The paths of people’s lives has changed, the future has been altered, and the universal timeline is split. Our history is a history different from whatever original timeline allowed the time travelers to exist in the first place.

The very fact that we are able to see proof of time travelers in our past means we must be living in the alternate timeline where those changes have already been made. Therefore, we are not the original. We are the copy, living in a  copy of our universe, living through the alternate unfolding of our history. We are in an alternate reality.

You’re not the original you. You’re a copy, or perhaps you don’t even exist in the original version of our world. Freaky, right?

Or, maybe having an imagination is not a modern day phenomenon, and this artwork is the science fiction of its time. Maybe ancient people dreamed of travelers from the stars, and they made some art about it.

Nah…time travel!