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Kids Do Dumb Things

Just because some kids occasionally do dumb things, doesn’t mean you should be a prick about it.

People seem to have a lot to say about kids and Tide Pods (or the latest craze – condoms). I understand the negative reaction, but the generalizations that typically follow are absurd and hypocritical.

Kids doing dumb things is a tradition as old as time. Kids who used to sit on top of flagpoles built our modern society. Kids racing hotrods without seatbelts the day after getting their licenses are some of our most respected political representatives. An entire generation of kids who, due to a single popular finctional tale, somehow survived the “fried worms challenge,” are today’s most brilliant doctors, lawyers and scientists.

The only difference between yesterday’s and today’s kids is their ability to share their stupidity with others online. Fine, if you see a kid do a dumb thing, go ahead and call it a dumb thing.

But stop with this whole “kids today are nothing but worthless idiots” garbage. They’re kids doing the latest dumb-kids thing, just like you, your family, your spouse, your boss, your heroes, your celebrities, etc. did when you were their age. Stop suggesting that one dumb-kid thing defines an entire generation’s value or even the value of those individuals. Stop pretending a fraction of the population that does dumb-kid stunts represents the whole generation’s potential.

The only one who comes out of that looking like a worthless idiot is you.