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Your handwriting sucks. Give me normal text

Normal text is boring. Show me handwriting

Older Women Are Sexy

There, I said it. This is no revelation to anyone who’s known me for a while, but it provides some context for the rest of this post.

The reason I said this is because my wife turned a year older today. In reality, she only aged one day, but you know how these silly birthday things work. What does this mean in the context of my original statement? It means that every year/day that she ages, she’s that much sexier to me than she was the day before.

Of course, she’s a whole lot more than just sexy. Every day is an opportunity to learn something new about my wife, and every day I’m a richer man for it. She’s a day more beautiful, a day more intriguing, a day more caring and compassionate, and a day more of everything I was so fortunate to discover back in 1996 and to marry nearly 10 years ago.

How many people can say this about their spouse – that with every passing day the best thing in their lives becomes even better? I don’t know how many, but I don’t really care; I’m not keeping score. I’m just enjoying what I have. And what I have is Amy, a whole year/day older, a year/day better in my life. I’m one lucky sonofabitch, and don’t I know it!

Happy Birthday sweetheart

By the way, I still have her beat by two years (apparently that’s never going to change). I said older women are sexy, not that they have to be older than me 😉