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The Perfect Amaretto Sour / Orange Popsicle

Last Friday, Amy and I hosted about 20 friends at our house for a wine and food party. We have tons of wine, and we don’t drink it at nearly the pace we buy it. So we figured this would be a great way to open up a few bottles and have some fun with friends.

The party itself went great, and once the food and wine part was over, it was time for mixed drinks. I poached a drink recipe from a trendy restaurant in Wooster, Ohio (Sarah, if you’re reading this, please help me with the name!), and after a little experimentation, I came up with what is now our “house drink.” Even though it is an Amaretto Sour, I’ve renamed it “Orange Popsicle,” because that’s what everyone says it taste like.

Orange Popsicle

  • 3 Lemons
  • 3 Limes
  • 6 heaping teaspoons of suger
  • 1 shot of Cointreau
  • Amaretto

Squeeze the lemons and limes into a shaker. Make sure no pulp or seeds get in; use a hand juicer. Add the sugar and Cointreau (I don’t actually measure the Cointreau, so just splash it in until you feel good about it). Shake vigorously until the sugar is completely dissolved. You’ve just created the world’s tastiest sour mix, and you’ll never use that bottled syrup crap again.

Pour over rocks, 50% mix, 50% Amaretto. Stir until mixed, and enjoy. Depending on how generous you are, you’ll have enough sour mix for 4-6 drinks.

Hope you like it!