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Phantom Thread – Unraveled

This is a sad movie for two reasons. First, it is Daniel Day Lewis’s final film. Second, it is garbage. This is an art film. Do not expect it to be filled with intrigue, suspense or action. That said, a good film premise, great writing and great acting can make the most subtle movie worth […]

Network TV and Basic Cable Should Be Very Worried

I don’t personally care who gets honored for what on Hollywood awards shows. I rarely watch awards shows, and when I do, it’s to learn more about entertainment I might want to check out – not to see awards get passed around. But I do find that these awards shows can be informative in other ways. […]

How To Get Away With Being An Asshole

This isn’t another 2016 election post, though you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was, since “being an asshole” seems to be the theme of this slow-motion trainwreck we call a presidential race. This is actually a review for the new Comedy Central weekly animated TV show, Legends of Chamberlain Heights. Here’s a brief synopsis. […]


I promised my wife that I would take her to see Twilight on opening night. It’s a sacrifice, I know, putting myself through the pain and torture of 200 screaming high school chicklets who want to become vampires and spend their lives with Stephanie Meyers’ fantasy “heartthrob,” Edward Cullen. But I must confess, I read […]

Ghost Town

Amy and I went to the movies last night. This is her birthday weekend; we had late-night dinner reservations at Chef Michael Symon’s Lola, and we decided to catch a movie before dinner. The last movie we went out to see was The Dark Knight, and a trip to the cinema was well overdue. We […]