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This is Paul Hirsch

Paul Hirsch

Last night’s debate: the unasked question

Last night, Amy and I watched the second in a series of mostly uninspiring presidential debates (I won’t even get into the VP debacle…er…debate). I was less concerned with the content of their answers – we’ve heard it all before – and more concerned with how they handled the format of the debate. The two […]

Ghost Town

Amy and I went to the movies last night. This is her birthday weekend; we had late-night dinner reservations at Chef Michael Symon’s Lola, and we decided to catch a movie before dinner. The last movie we went out to see was The Dark Knight, and a trip to the cinema was well overdue. We […]

My political perspective

I’m typically fairly skeptical about tests that attempt to compartmentalize views, personality, etc., but I have to say, I’m fairly impressed by the accuracy of this one. – The Politics Test My results are as follows: You are a Social Liberal (80% permissive) and an Economic Moderate (41% permissive). You are best described as a […]

Hello, my name is…

Well folks, this has been long overdue, but I’m finally launching a new Web site for myself. The design may not be the prettiest, but I’ve never pretended to be the best graphic designer in the world either. I thought about turning to my colleague, friend and business partner Paul Riddick for some inspiration, but […]