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Social Media: You’re Doing It Wrong

We are eroding our personal relationships with our online habits, and most of us have no idea what we’re doing wrong! At issue here is not the fact that mobile devices and social media exist; the problem is not the availability of life distractions. The issue involves shared experiences. I realized this a few days ago when […]

Why I Pray

Let’s get one thing straight – the act of praying is inherently selfish. A number of studies have been done to observe the efficacy of prayer in medical healing, and meta analysis of these studies indicates no statistical difference in outcome between patients who receive prayer and those who do not. The only significant finding […]

Older Women Are Sexy

There, I said it. This is no revelation to anyone who’s known me for a while, but it provides some context for the rest of this post. The reason I said this is because my wife turned a year older today. In reality, she only aged one day, but you know how these silly birthday […]

TV Has a Sinister Grip on My Wife’s Brain

A month ago today, my business partner (Paul Riddick) and I jumped out of a plane for the first time. You can read about our skydiving experience if you’d like. To summarize, we jumped out of what felt like a rickety plywood box fitted with a propeller and wings. It was a wonderful gift from […]

I turn 40 today, and I have a few things to say about that

In some ways, today is just another day that happens to mark another rotation around a big ball of fire. I woke up this morning, had a nice poo, had a nice shower, looked at myself in the mirror, and damned if it wasn’t the same dude who was just in his 30s a day […]