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This is Paul Hirsch

Paul Hirsch

If You Lose, It’s Your Fault

Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and…Greenies(?), I’m going to address each of you separately. There is SO much I could discuss, but I’m only going to touch on electability. This post is NOT about qualifications. It is about candidates being viable. If this pisses you off – good! I’m pissed off. You’re pissed off. It’s the last […]

You and I Both Know This is Bulls*** – Just Stop

I’m a decent human being. Generally speaking, my friends are decent human beings. In all of my decency, I’ve only just given this issue the thought it deserves, and I’m hoping my friends (and strangers who read this) will do the same. It’s time to kill off Chief Wahoo. But it’s tradition, right? You don’t […]

How To Get Away With Being An Asshole

This isn’t another 2016 election post, though you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was, since “being an asshole” seems to be the theme of this slow-motion trainwreck we call a presidential race. This is actually a review for the new Comedy Central weekly animated TV show, Legends of Chamberlain Heights. Here’s a brief synopsis. […]

Social Media: You’re Doing It Wrong

We are eroding our personal relationships with our online habits, and most of us have no idea what we’re doing wrong! At issue here is not the fact that mobile devices and social media exist; the problem is not the availability of life distractions. The issue involves shared experiences. I realized this a few days ago when […]

Why I Pray

Let’s get one thing straight – the act of praying is inherently selfish. A number of studies have been done to observe the efficacy of prayer in medical healing, and meta analysis of these studies indicates no statistical difference in outcome between patients who receive prayer and those who do not. The only significant finding […]